12 October

In September 2021, CROS became a member of the Digital Agency Development Association (ARDA). The Association’s mission is to improve performance quality standards of small and medium-sized digital agencies, to foster market development, and improve industry work methods and techniques.

By joining ARDA, CROS became a member of a closed club of companies’ leaders. The agency will have the opportunity to participate in regular online and offline meetups, and, together with other members, will seek solutions to various issues, related to business development and management.

It is a new milestone for CROS. Digital projects account for 15% of the agency’s portfolio, and thanks to the work within ARDA, this share will grow.

“‘Digitalization’ of communications is a fact of the modern world, and we, as an agency providing professional services in this field, cannot stand aside from this process. ARDA membership is an exceptional opportunity to have a productive dialogue with other market players, to share expertise and experience, and to analyze trends that will drive the development of modern communications and improve their performance – all at the association’s platform,” Kirill Lubnin, CROS Vice President for Strategy and Development, said.

ARDA is a non-profit association of digital market professionals whose main business is in Russia. It unites legal entities that provide digital information and communication services, such as creation and placement of advertising, creation of websites, development of online marketing solutions. ARDA was founded in 2019 as a non-profit organization in the form of an association of legal entities. More information at (in Russian)