21 September

The State Real Estate Inspectorate with CROS support has set up a large-scale photo exhibition “Moscow. Nothing Extra". The project is dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the organization that is in charge of the city’s architectural image and modern representation. The State Real Estate Inspectorate clears the territory of Moscow from illegally erected buildings and dilapidated constructions.

The “Moscow. Nothing Extra” exhibition with 16 double-sided stands takes its viewers on a historical tour and tells stories of iconic Moscow places in three different periods: 1960-1980, 1990-2005 and the present day.

Moscow citizens and guests of the city can learn how Pushkinskaya Square and the square near the Savelovsky railway station, the area near the Chistye Prudy, Kropotkinskaya, Park Kultury and Mayakovskaya metro stations have changed over the past half century.

“We often miss the gradual changes in the looks of our city, and only the clear contrast of archival and present-day photographs taken from the same angle can help us really notice the large-scale transformations of the capital. In many ways, they have occurred partly as a result of the work of the State Real Estate Inspectorate to identify and terminate unauthorized construction. Our new photo exhibition is designed to reflect this contribution to the clean, comfortable, free from visual dirtiness appearance of Moscow,” the head of the organization Vladislav Ovchinsky said.

The exhibition is held on Tverskoy Boulevard through September 30.