21 October

The latest release of the agency's study of the phobias and fears of Russians.

“Leave aside the coronavirus, two phobias draw particular attention: attitudes towards environmental issues and the discussion of chipping. Both of them are symptomatic in their own way.

Apparently, as for the matter of environmental safety, we have come to a turning point in human behavior: people do think about their impact on nature and are afraid of human-caused disasters. Concerning chipping, this is a classic example of panic in front of something unknown, but inevitable. The new virus requires a vaccine, and we all know very little about it, while the nature of the virus remains a reason for all sorts of speculations. Together, this gives rise to discussions on a topic that would look like madness in a different setting," says Peter Kirian, CROS Director for Media Projects and the author of the research, commenting on the results of the "National Index of Anxieties" for the 3rd quarter 2020.

Learn more about Russians' fears in the Kommersant article and on the CROS website(both in Russian).