27 January

CROS has released the latest “National Index of Anxieties” that reveals the phobias of the Russian society based on the analysis of the traditional and social media in Q4 2019.

In the final quarter of the last year, the overall estimate of the traditional and social media coverage brought to the fore the phobias related to poor medical services, climate change due to abnormally warm winter, and garbage-related issues (failure in landfill management and trash pickup, failure of the waste management reform). Notably, the top-three topics in the index of phobia experience (an indicator of the urgency and importance of an issue for the public) are almost identical to those present in the media. In Q4 2019, Russians feared most poor medical services, the return of hazing in the military, and failure in trash pickup and landfill management.

Peter Kirian, CROS Director for Media Projects, talks about the main finding of the latest research: “We can talk about a new persistent phobia being developed in Russia – a phobia of not receiving quality medical services or provision of medicines. Of course, each region differs in terms of the situation with the drug provision and access to medical specialists. However, the overall sentiment is that the phobia of inability to receive general medical assistance adds up to the traditional, registered by social scientists fear of facing a serious disease or a fatal illness. We can assume that this situation emerges more widely due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

You can learn further details about the research here (in Russian).