16 October

CROS has presented the third “National Index of Anxieties”. In the 3rd quarter of 2019, the overall estimate of the traditional and social media coverage revealed that the most discussed phobias were related to natural disasters, abuse of power by the law enforcement forces and flight accidents.

However, the index of phobia experience (an indicator of the urgency and importance of an issue for the public) shows that in Q3 Russians feared most abuse of power by the law enforcement forces, radiation pollution and shortage of drugs. A special mention should be given to the phobia of bear attacks as a consequence of forest fires and environmental problems.

“The research shows that demand for clearer relationship between the people and the state is on the rise. It is revealed by the fear of the shortage of drugs on the federal level and the fear of bear attacks on the regional level. In both cases the public is concerned about the quality of forecasting and reacting to certain events. People delegated powers to different authorities and are holding them to account in 2019. Managing this demand means working on the quality of public services on the federal and regional levels”, says Peter Kirian, CROS Director for Media Projects.

You can learn further details about the research here (in Russian).

*** The “National Index of Anxieties” is an expert research that ranges phobias of the Russian population, basing on the analysis of the traditional and social media. The quarterly index reveals the major phobias and fears dominating in the society, determines the level of phobia experience, and exposes regional characteristics in this context. Basing on the data from the traditional and social media, the research allows to get an overview of the current topics and issues that the society is concerned about. Timely and verified findings help the agency in preparation of federal and regional campaigns.