23 October

Last weekend, the CROS team supported a visit of the Federal Statistics Service of Russia (Rosstat) delegation to Minsk.

The visit was organized to share experience in conducting population census. In October, Belarus entered the global census round of 2015-2024 and became the first CIS country to organize a population census in a digital format.

“Digital population census is not only about new quality of statistics. It is also a call of the times. Today, people are often not willing to communicate with census takers in person. Everything is very dynamic now, and we should give people the opportunity to take part in the census whenever and wherever it is convenient for them,” head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov said. In as little as a year from now, in October 2020 digital technologies will be widely used in the All-Russian Population Census.

During the visit, experts also discussed cooperation between higher education institutions of Russia and Belarus, and training of statistics specialists.

Further details can be found in the Kommersant article (in Russian).