12 September

In early September, the media office of the All-Russia Population Census held a press conference in St Petersburg on the key feature of the upcoming in April 2021 census – its digital format.

Clearly, the digital format of the main statistical research project of the decade does not only ensure convenience and safety, but also effectiveness. Digital technologies are fundamentally changing statistics and make it possible to quickly use the census data in decisions to improve social and regional policies, as well as in business processes.

At the press conference, the head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov announced the creation of a special Business Intelligence platform – a key embodiment of the digital census concept. Rosstat specialists will be able to monitor all aspects of the preparation, execution and summing up of the census results in real time and in great detail. For the first time, uploading census data to the Rosstat database will be as transparent and objective as possible.

During the event, results of the VCIOM poll on the attitude of Russians to the census were also presented. The society expresses optimism about the course towards comprehensive digitization of statistics. Out of 77% of Russians who showed interest in participating in the April 2021 census, over 44% are interested in the opportunity to take part online (through the e-government website), and among young people aged 18-24, the indicator reached 76%.

The press conference was held online at the Interfax press center. More than 450 people from different regions of Russia joined and were able to ask their questions.

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