Education, ESG, Technology

22 December

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, with the information support of CROS, held the 4th International Scientific Forum “Stepping into the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy”. Organized within the Year of Science and Technology in Russia, the forum brought together representatives of state authorities, international academic and business communities to discuss the possible ways to find a balance between the rapidly increasing demand for digitization, the “green” agenda and the development of the national economy in order to improve the quality of people’s life.

CROS provided media coverage of the forum. About 80 journalists were accredited to the forum and worked in a mixed format. News and stories about the event were published in 60 media outlets. Environmental, tech and educational media paid special attention to the forum. The total reach amounted to almost 70 mln people. Rossiyskaya Gazeta, ProBusiness and other outlets were the official information partners of the forum.

“Traditionally, the education sector is the first to respond to the needs and requirements of global transformation processes. As a communications agency, we are delighted to be with our client Plekhanov University at this historic stage. Colleagues are now forming a new development path with certain goals in the field of IT, information security, economics, as well as new engineering, environmental and management technologies,” Leonid Burmistrov, CROS Vice President, said.

Plekhanov University is one of the first economic universities in Russia with an almost 120-year history. Holding the forum, the University followed its mission to be the center for the transfer of ideas and competencies, consolidating the society’s efforts to create a perception of the future, in which technological leadership will ensure care for the environment and raise the general standard of living on the planet.