01 September

We are opening the business season with good news! The short list of PROBA Awards 2020 has been released with CROS Vice President for Business Development Ksenia Trifonova in the “Professional of the Year” nomination.

Ksenia has been working in communications for over 15 years. She joined CROS in 2016 and is now in charge of implementing the transformation program, communications, positioning and promotion of the CROS brand. Ksenia oversaw the rebranding of CROS, which was listed among the top 100 global rebrands. In 2019, a working group led by Ksenia brought to the market CROS expert product the National Index of Anxieties, a study of Russians’ phobias and fears based on an analysis of the traditional and social media outlets using proprietary methodology. This project strengthened the agency's media position and confirmed the status of CROS as a company with strong analytical expertise.

Public defense of the nominations will be held at the Baltic Weekend, and the winner will be announced upon their results.

We keep our fingers crossed for Ksenia and hope to see her among the winners!