11 February

The “National Index of Anxieties” was included in the shortlist of the “Silver Archer” Award in two nominations: “Promotion of state, public and social programs” and “Corporate communications.”

This year, CROS developed an instrument that tracks the media agenda and public sentiment in the social media. At the same time, the index attracts public attention to CROS as an expert in analytics and research.

A proprietary methodology of the media landscape analysis in a quick and efficient manner allows detecting issues (needs, demands, anxieties, etc.) the society has, as well as to consider them in planning communications campaigns. The methodology can be tailored to the local agenda in regions and allows conducting research in conditions of social unrest. The new instrument has proven its efficiency and relevance, while demand for it has been confirmed by the CROS research project the “National Index of Anxieties.”

We highly appreciate the work of the professional society and are proud to be among the finalists. Next will be the public presentation and defense of the award application. We hope for success and believe in our victory!