18 May

#ShowUs (#ПокажитеНас) is a socially oriented project that is well-perceived both by the market and by the end user. It was developed in collaboration with Dove, and aimed to help women gain #self-confidence as well as to launch a discourse on the perception of female beauty. The main idea of the campaign was to free women and girls from beauty stereotypes that limit their potential in life and self-confidence.

Within the framework of the project, 3 200 photo sessions were held in large cities of Russia, where women of any age could be themselves, and therefore could show their natural and real beauty. At the self-regulatory level, Unilever Russia introduced mandatory labeling of all static advertising images for its brands, informing when photos of people were digitally retouched. An integrated approach helped to draw public attention to the issue: it included a campaign in the traditional and social media, as well as engaging activities.

The project is shortlisted in three nominations:
- Best PR campaign
- Best Performance of a PR Campaign
- The best online media and PR services in the digital sector

It is also among the finalists in two nominations as a co-performer:
- Best use of the media
- Best Social Marketing Campaign

Projects, nominated for the Silver Mercury festival, are evaluated by communications professionals, as well as clients of advertising agencies, providing them services to meet their business goals. At least 40% of the jury of each nomination are representatives of advertising companies' clients and the voting procedure is one of the most transparent globally: all decisions by each member of the jury are published on the official website.