27 April

The joint project by CROS and Dove #ShowUs (#ПокажитеНас) won the third place in the Best PR Campaign nomination of Tagline Awards. The runner-up and the winner are our colleagues and clients – Delivery Club, Stoloto, Re:Evolution, e:mg. The award recognizes the best interactive projects and achievements of Russian and Russian-speaking companies in the digital field.

The project aims to fight the longstanding stereotypes in the media and advertising industry about how women should look. Dove advocated that photographs of real women, created within the #ShowUs campaign, should be used in the media and ads, while opinion leaders created a trend for diversity in the perception of the beauty, images and lifestyles of modern women.

A global research by Edelman Intelligence, which also covered Russia, showed how women perceive beauty standards that they see in the media, and how this affects their self-esteem and realization of their potential in life. According to the research, 61% of women in Russia do not see themselves represented in the media and ads and thus do not feel any association with the advertised products and services. 71% would like the media to broadcast a diversity of images - women of all ages, races, and looks.

According to the organizers, Tagline Awards 2020-2021 received over 3 000 applications. An international jury includes reputable art directors, marketing and communications directors of major companies, development and customer experience specialists. The award evaluates project concept, quality of its execution and effectiveness in solving commercial problems.