Digital and SMM

Heads'made is a special company within the CROS Group dedicated to digital communications and marketing services. We offer clients strategic and creative solutions, as well as analytical support for special projects and campaigns. A team of experienced professionals that employs cutting-edge technology and techniques provides popular on the market services and allows the use of digital instruments in any project.

We work with the social media (SMM), creating and developing for our clients social media groups and channels, as well as dedicated content. One of our strongest competencies is communications with online communities: we establish close contacts with opinion leaders, organize events for bloggers, tests and reviews.

Our team provides reputation management services in the digital environment, manages in real-time crisis situations with negative feedback and commentaries, establishes online service desks and support teams, and manages Wikipedia content. Heads'made also creates promotional web pages, websites, viral video, infographics, other content and media necessary for an effective digital media campaign.

Our digital promotion services also include targeted advertising in the social media, context and media advertising in the online media, attracting new members to community groups, and search engine optimization (SEO).


Olga Sivkova CEO, Heads'