The Compass from CROS and Unilever is awarded the PROBA AWARDS

28 октября

In February 2021, Unilever presented Compass, a new plan to improve the quality of life by 2030.

It aims to change the way of doing business in three main domains: improving the health of the planet, improving the health and well-being of people, and contributing to the drive for justice and a more inclusive and diverse society. The plan is based on the activities of brands with purpose: they will fulfill their missions and strive to achieve goals within the three areas of the plan.

When presenting the new plan for Unilever (and for the PR team in particular), it was important to shape the perception of Unilever as a company that seeks to do more good, and that will concretize its steps starting 2021. Through an ambitious and at the same time specific in terms of its implementation and accessible to a wide audience plan, the PR team had the task of communicating the main priorities and values of the company. As part of the project, the main goal was to raise awareness about Unilever and to create an image of the sustainable living plan Compass as humane and comprehensible, as well as involving employees, partners and consumers in having a conscious lifestyle and approach to work.

According to the interim results, implementation of the project allowed the company to increase the number of articles mentioning the sustainable living plan by more than 20 times, to 437 articles. Their coverage reached 41 mln people.

Konstantin Panarin, CROS Vice President, took part in the PROBA Awards official ceremony.