20 Ноября

A new committee began its work at RASO. The focus is on Public Affairs (PA) - a type of public communications that is relevant for projects of high social importance. The Committee will be chaired by CROS CEO Dmitry Kantor.

“Public Affairs implies an integrated approach to communications and public dialogue, in which a wide range of stakeholders participate. It reflects the current state of the media industry and the network structure of the society. That is why this area is growing so actively in different countries of the world. We see the potential of PA as a communications branch on the Russian market and plan an active development of it,” says Dmitry Kantor.

Among other things, the new RASO committee will concentrate on the introduction and adaptation in the professional environment of the term 'Public Affairs' and its interpretation, which most fully reflects its essence. The committee will also study the best Russian and international practices, conduct professional analysis of relevant cases, and develop professional standards in the field of Public Affairs, including ethical ones.

At present, the committee includes political scientist Mikhail Vinogradov, head of the public affairs department of Dmitry Komendantov, RASO President Stanislav Naumov, head of communications of ANO "Digital Economy" and RASO Vice President Oleg Poletaev, government relations director of VCIOM Kirill Rodin, CROS Vice President for Business Development Ksenia Trifonova, head of the "Platforma" Center for Social Design Alexey Firsov.