07 Октября

On October 1, CROS organized a press conference “One Year to the All-Russia Population Census 2020” in the Digital October Moscow conference center.

The event was attended by the head of the Federal Statistics Service Pavel Malkov and his adviser Pavel Smelov, Director of the Department of Projects on Informatization of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Oleg Kachanov, and CROS Chairman Sergey Zverev. Participants discussed the state of preparations for the All-Russia Population Census 2020, that will be the first digital population survey in Russia, and presented results of a poll on the public attitude towards the Census. The research showed that 74% of the population supports the Census and over half of respondents are interested in taking part online at the e-government website.

The visual style of the main statistical event of the decade was also presented at the press conference. The Census identity was chosen during an all-Russian contest of professional designers.

“The country has changed, technologies have changed, and so did the Census. The new visual identity of the Census 2020 demonstrates technological and socio-cultural transformations that have taken place in Russia in the past decade,” Sergey Zverev noted.

You can learn more from the Rossiya 1 broadcast (in Russian).